About Jordan Vena

Before - 03.2018

Before - 03.2018

96 kg / 212 lbs

Being healthy

After - 07.2018

After - 07.2018

62 kg / 137 lbs

7 intolerances, sens.,
malabsoprtion and IBS

NOW - 12.2020

NOW - 12.2020

85 kg / 187 lbs

Healthy again and
able to eat everything

Hey, I’m Jordan –
nice to meet you!


2018: Food I could eat


Now: Food I can eat

Hey, I’m Jordan –
nice to meet you!

From having a normal life, being able to eat everything, it changed to having 7 food intolerances, many sensitivities, malabsorbtion and IBS in a matter of months. I had to deal with a lot of symptoms and went through a hard time.

To give you an idea of how intense my situation was: I lost 74 lbs (34 kg) in 4 months (as you can see in the photos). At the worst time I could only eat 4 individual things. Having alternately diarrhea and constipation, dizziness, bloating, gas, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, acid reflux, stomach pain and depression on a daily basis was my norm for many years.

Sounds crazy, but today I’m grateful for all of that, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to help people like you get symptom-free.
I saw many doctors and was told that I’ll have these issues for the rest of my life. I should eliminate the food triggers and find a way to live with them.

I could not accept that…

I haven’t resigned myself to the fact that there is no solution to reverse all of them. Finding the solution not just because of me, but because of everybody who is also affected of it.

I’ve made it to the purpose of my life, to find a methodology to reverse intolerances, sensitivities and IBS.

I flew to different countries to talk to the best gastrointestinal doctors, experts specialized in energy levels. I read one study after the other, did my certification as a nutritionist and worked day and night to find a way to tolerate everything and being myself again!

The results were mind-blowing!

One of my 7 intolerances was fructose intolerance. I remember the day eating a pear, without having symptoms, but instead feeling energized and powerful. Same success was achieved with the other intolerances, sensitives and IBS. It was like I could feel how my body is absorbing all the nutrients the right way. Today I go wherever I want and eat whatever I want. I’m a better athlete than ever before. I can run longer, cycle faster and feel more powerful. Social situations like going out or traveling with friends and family isn’t a concerning or anxious experience anymore. It is literately the most fun!

I enjoy life more than ever before!

Once I successfully reversed all my food intolerances, sensitivities and IBS, it became my life’s passion to help others reach the same goal.

I am naturally inclined to help others, as I work over 6+ years to serving in the paramedic medical field. During this time, I successfully completed all trainings required to become an emergency paramedic, achieving the best grades in each. This wealth of knowledge I’ve gained throughout my extensive, complemented by my proficiency as a nutritionist, my expertise in energetic work, and combined by my personal journey in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, have profoundly shaped me into an individual who is impassioned to effect meaningful change.

Eating all food without having symptoms was enough proof to work with other people in my home country. The results were so overwhelming that I decided to go international. Today I help people who are also fed up with suffering from symptoms and want to live a symptom-free life in just a matter of days/weeks. And if you’re currently reading this, then YOU are meant! I’m bejond passionated about every aspect of this work. I never was more driven before than to reverse your triggers and live a symptom-free life. And just to mention – I am addicted to hummus!

I fall in love with every moment when clients tell me that they ate fruits, sweets, milk, bread or some other triggers and no symptoms occurred. I love it even more seeing them on a videocall, being super happy and smiling all over their face, because they can’t believe that this came true!

You want to be my next smiling client?

Then let’s have a chat and click on the button below!


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